Free land

Apparently my mom has decided to vacuum at 8:30 in the morning. The house is noisy as hell and you know what noises do to me, it takes away my inspiration. That’s why I don’t listen to music or watch anything during my blogging time. Hopefully, she’ll be done soon and I can hop over to my other blog and create a lovely short story for this beautiful Sunday morning.

Anyway, on daily prompt today, we’ve been given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what ever we please.

Land just like this, with a nice cozy house and a rescue / rehab / therapy horse ranch. With a cow pasture and godly morals. All I need.It’s funny because I glanced at this prompt at 6:30 this morning when I was still half asleep, I thought it said “we’ve been given a plot of land with financial resources” as in there’s something about the land that will make money. Oil, perhaps? Maybe gold?

Anyway, after I woke up and read a few responses to the prompt, I was more confused than ever. About 5 minutes ago, I finally went to the daily post page and gave the prompt a thorough read-through. It’s all clear to me now. We have the money to do whatever we want with that land.

What would I do with this magnificent piece of land, given to me by wordpress?

It depends on the answers of the following questions.

1. Does it have anything buried underneath, like gold, coal, or oil? Yes? I’ll invest it in the discovery of that substance whether make it an oil derrick or a coal mine.

2. Will it make me money? Yes? This question is sort of tied to the previous one. Investment in oil, gold, coal, etc.

3. Or will it be a useless piece of earth that cannot be used for anything except build houses on top of it? In this case, I can do nothing but build a gorgeous custom home designed by your truly along with a beautiful farm or garden, depending on the size of the land.

There is one thing I will never do and that is make it commercial. Don’t ask me why.

Image credited to google and pinterest

3 thoughts on “Free land

  1. I am so noise sensitive. I think there should be a law against vacuuming before noon. Anyway I like the last pic, great use of the land. I’d like to think I’d be altruistic but if I’m honest I am very self-centered haha… maybe I could do both

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  2. I loved your response to this prompt and the pictures are lovely. The house with the pool is a dream! As for vacuuming . . . well, I suppose it has to be done whenever the person doing it can fit it in. But I do agree that the noise isn’t something you want when ypou’re trying to study or write.

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