Five Photos – Five Stories Day 2

I actually remembered taking this picture. 2012-11-10 13.21.09 1It was the day after a storm back in early 2012. My mom and I were going to the supermarket when we saw this giant snow-dog on our neighbor’s lawn. My mom was like, “You have to take this picture and send it to your cousins, let them see how much snow we’re getting.” My cousins have never seen snow since it doesn’t snow where we’re from.

So right after we got home from the market, my mom made me go over and take the picture of this giant snow dog. Of course I was shy and stepping on the neighbor’s lawn and taking pictures is classified as trespassing, right? Anyway, I actually took this from the middle of the street with a very nice camera zoomed in.

Why this three-year-old picture?

Because I’ve been thinking about how we haven’t had snow for a long while and it’s looking like winter’s ending early since the temperatures are rising to the 60’s already. Or so I thought. On Saturday, as we were halfway home from our trip to the new Chinatown, it began to snow. I thought it was quite peculiar because there was barely any clouds.

The snow got worse as we headed north and as we pulled our car into the garage, the snow lightened up. I was like, “aww, I was hoping for more.” On the way home, my mom had mentioned something about snowing that day being good luck. She said that if there’s rain or snow before or after the lunar new year, it means that there would be no drought that year. I suppose that’s good for the farmers.

About five minutes later, when I sat down before my computer, the snow began to come down, hard and fluffy. Downstairs, my mom was surprised, she actually said, “What the heck?” I rolled my eyes, the way she said it sounded funny.

The snow them went on for about an hour. I bet the reservoirs are joyous at the water and maybe people will take back their cries for help because of the lack of water. This was what my mom said afterward, “那些人开心死了!” and it translates, “Those people must be happy to death.” Unfortunately, there wasn’t much accumulation outside for a picture. I’m pretty sure though that the mountains got at least a couple feet of accumulation.

This is my second day for the Five Photos-Five stories challenge and once again, I’d like to thank Priceless Joy for nominating me for the challenge. She’s on day 5 of the challenge and she’s posted some very nice photos. So go check it out. My policies are still the same, open invitation to all wanting to join.  

10 thoughts on “Five Photos – Five Stories Day 2

  1. I really enjoyed this post Yinglan. I love the photo of the snow dog. We were having very nice 65 degree weather for about 1 1/2 weeks then yesterday morning I woke up to snow. I live in the Four Corners. It is cold and still snowy. 😦 I’m ready for spring.

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