Five Photos – Five Stories Day 3

Okay, I officially feel like I am going back in time with this challenge. The first day, I featured a picture that was taken last year, day 2 (yesterday), a picture from 2012, and now, for day 3,

Gibbons Fall, Yellowstone

Gibbons Fall, Yellowstone

I am showing a picture that’s taken all the way back in 2011. What’s for day 4? The 90’s?

The truth is, there aren’t any story or writing worthy pictures right now and I haven’t been taking pictures with my pile of assignments continuing to pile up. Today has to be my first free day this whole week. Besides, it’s cold outside and none of the plants in my garden have blossom yet, well except for a few tulips. So not much to shot with a camera.

I dug this photo out from my archive and this was definitely taken by me. My mom doesn’t like to take landscape photographs. All her pictures involve a person.

This is a picture of Gibbon Falls at Yellowstone and I shot it in July, 2011 when I went there with my mom and her friend.

I’ve been to Yellowstone twice, one with my mom’s friend and the other with my aunts, uncles, and cousins when they visited three years ago. My mom was saying I might have to go again this year because my aunt, the one that just left, still hasn’t gone to Yellowstone. So I have to take her and probably her boyfriend’s parents.

I feel like there are not much to see at Yellowstone or maybe it’s just my ill-timing or maybe it’s just me. Both times, I went during the midst of summer when it’s blazing hot. I mean when you’re standing next to the hot springs, you can practically feel beads of sweat coming out of your forehead. I have to admit though, it felt kind of cool treading snow at the Continental Divide in July.


This is my third day for the Five Photos-Five stories challenge and once again, I’d like to thank Priceless Joy for nominating me for the challenge. She’s already done with this challenge and she’s posted some very nice photos. So go check it out. My policies are still the same, open invitation to all wanting to join.  

8 thoughts on “Five Photos – Five Stories Day 3

  1. Very nice! I have never been to Yellowstone. It never occurred to me how hot the hot springs would be in summer. lol. That is nice that you are leaving the challenge open to whomever would like to do it. I hope some are taking you up on it. 🙂

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