Dream Location

Private covered patios, which extend from each wing, offer a transitional spot between indoors and out. The fountains are clad in the same material as the outdoor chimney, and slate tile extends from indoor spaces. Advertisement  - Backyard Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2014 on HGTVIf I can choose a place to live, I definitely would not choose where I am living now. It’s loud and boring.

I live less than a mile from the freeway and about 2 miles from the air force base. Noises from cars and F-16 jets are the last thing I need when I am trying to write or study. If I can choose some place to live,  I’d definitely choose a place that’s quiet and serene like the woods or forest. A place like this would be lovely and yes, I have expensive taste, just don’t have the money.

I definitely would not choose the mountain or beach. Of course those places sound  like a Yellow leaf road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of North Carolina • photo: Tilman Paulin on 500pxdream but let’s let reality take over for a second. It takes forever to get off the mountain and all those twisty roads do not make a fun drive. And there’s always the danger of being stuck at home when I want to go out and not the fun kind of stuck. I’m talking blizzard or snow storm or mud slide and I’m out of food.

The beach? Who doesn’t love the salty air and the sound of crashing waves? I don’t. I would constantly have to worry about danger of earthquakes and tsunami. After watching the dateline special last night on NBC, no thanks. Oh and let’s not mention the damage the salty air can do to the roof and how expensive everything is.

Of course there’s also danger living in a forest. Like my mom says, there is no place on Earth that is absolutely safe to live. Even though I’ve never lived near or in a forest before, I know there are some natural disaster bound to happen like a mud slide, flood, or quick sand? I don’t know, like my mom says, there’s absolutely no place that is safe. Natural disasters are bound to happen anywhere.

So if I have to choose a place to live, I’d choose a place that’s serene like a forest but not enough that I cannot see the sun. I also like a place that’s loosely populated so I won’t feel too stranded or too crowded but at the same time, it is also convenient that I don’t have to drive 100 miles just to get groceries.

My dream location might sound fictional but it might be real. I’ve never been there but I’m imagining Prince Edward Island? From Anne of Green Gables? I mean, just look at this picture. Doesn’t this look like a beautiful place to live in?

Located beside Prince Edward Island Preserve Company just down the road from the Anne of Green Gables House.

13 thoughts on “Dream Location

  1. Yes! the forest or the woods would be wonderful! I love trees and we don’t have that many here being semi desert and flat land. I would like the mountains though, just not in winter 🙂 I like the sound of the waves at a beach, but too scared of the fish that live in there. Maybe someday we’ll get to live in our ideal place!

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  4. What if you chose a beach in an area not prone to natural disasters like the UK? Spain? South France? I love the beach and would probably risk the dangers to get the sunshine, sea and sand lifestyle I crave… without thinking at all realistically about it ha.
    Found you from the Dailt Prompt & Blogging 101

    Shareen HD
    A Moment For Me Blog

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    • Of course, those places sounds great. For me, personally, I will probably still choose the forest, mostly just because I want to live in a setting I’ve never lived in before. I’ve lived in the suburbs of LA, about 30 minutes from the beach and went to the beach occasionally and I currently live by the mountains. So of course I like the beach and to be able to soak in the sunshine 🙂 but I also prefer to be surrounded by trees.

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