What’s not to like?

DSCF9719I feel like this prompt is very similar to the one on Monday. So I don’t think I need to emphasize again how much I hate living so close to the freeway and the air force base.

The town I am living in. Some people may call it a city while others will call it a town. I call it a town because I have always lived in a city, Los Angeles, Austin, and even China even though my hometown is technically still a town. What’s similar about those three places? The population of those places are all over 100,000. Last time I checked, the population was at about 58,000 in 2000 and 67,311 in 2010. Grown 9,000 in 10 years, not bad but still under 100,000 people to me, is still a town.

One thing I like about Layton is that everything’s all in one place like all the shops, hotels, and restaurants are grouped together while all the municipal like the library, police station, fire station, and the city hall is grouped in another part of town. The other thing I like is this town is the variety of commercial businesses. My mom often jokes that Layton has every major franchises except it doesn’t have a Costco because it already has a Sam’s Club.

The things I don’t like about Layton, well, there’s plenty like the inconvenience of getting around. If you’re trying to get somewhere by walking or public transit, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, otherwise, it is not advised.

There are barely any public transit here except for maybe two, three max bus routes. Walking? It takes about 90 minutes to walk to Walmart and back and it takes about 40 minutes to walk to the nearest Target and back. With all that time, I can do lots of other things like blogging or reading. Why would I spend all that time walking next to pollution and possibly dodging traffic while trying to cross the street.

Oh and let’s not mention the noise. Whenever the day’s beautiful, sunny and cloudless like today, planes would fly and make a ton of noise. That noise comes with other problems as well. If you’re using an antenna to watch TV, the reception would suddenly disappear whenever a plane flies over our heads. It constantly feels like the World War II era without the bombs of course.

If I somehow earned a degree in law and became the mayor of Layton city, I would set up noise ordinances. No flying before 8 am and after 9 pm. Let people sleep and enjoy their weekends for crying out loud.

Of course, that would come with consequences because no flying means no money. So that’d be a problem I can’t fix even as a mayor because the town would go broke without the planes roaming over our heads.

The problem I’d definitely would fix? Trees! You see the picture of my street up above? You see how bare it is? We seriously need some lush green trees around here! Not bushes and spruce trees, we need real trees.

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