Backyard Apple Blossoms

Remember last week, I posted shots of blossoming plum flowers in my front yard? Well, this morning, while I was letting the turtles roam free for a few minutes, I walked over and check, the flowers were like little wrinkly balls. I guess the blossom season for plums is over.

After I bathed the turtles and put them back in the house, I went into the backyard to see if there was any blossoms from the apple and Asian pear trees and would you look at that, it’s beginning!

DSCF9775 1

This is just the beginning of a blossom. It’s been warm this year, so I don’t think it will last long. This is from the combination apple tree, by the way. We got it about five years ago. It was one of the trees in the backyard that had miraculously survived while most of the trees we brought home died.

DSCF9770 1

Here is more of the apple blossoms. Last by not least, I finally managed some clear, vivid pictures of the tulips in my front yard.

DSCF9763 1

DSCF9769 1

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures. I think there’s more coming, probably tomorrow. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to help my mom write an essay for her homework; 6-9 pages, ugh. She thinks I can write it in 2 or 3 hours but I doubt it.

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