Tranquil to Rage

Daily Prompt: Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

First of all, though mad and angry mean the same thing in American English, it does not in British English. Thus, “Mad” Hatter does not mean “Angry” Hatter. Secondly, I don’t fly into rage, I don’t think anyone does until you’re a very good actor. Thirdly, I don’t get angry in a second, it’s usually built, first annoyance, then irritation, and finally full on rage.

DSCF9850 1

You can even see the mountains in the distance That was taken 12 minutes after 3

Today of all days should be the day to be angry, at least for me. Why? Nothing is cooperating – the traffic, weather, and of all people, my mother! However, I am not.

What began as a cool light breeze this morning had turned into raging wind by the time I got out of class. As I settled myself in the computer lab, I could hear the wind howling and banging on the windows. I had expected this. After all, the radio did warn us yesterday about the wind warning and the storm that would bring rain and snow.

Late this morning, as I walked to the car, I could feel the wind pulling me back, not allowing me to go forward as garbage, tumbleweed, and debris flew across the way. I felt like I was pelted with garbage like some infamous person. So lucky nothing nailed me in the eyes.

At last, I made it to my car. I quickly threw my backpack into the trunk and climbed into the car, slamming the door shut. At that moment, I became nervous about the drive home with the strong wind and light car but I have to get over it.

Two blocks later, traffic began building. As I sat in the car with my head leaning against the head rest while listening to the radio and the howling of the wind, I became irritated. Can’t anything go right?

I thought back to this morning when my wonderful slumber was rudely interrupted for the second time this week by my mother’s early-bird phone calls. Yesterday, she called at 6:58 am and today at 6:40 am, more than half-hour before I was set to wake up. The reason for her call? To ask me to set up an order to buy stocks. “Do you think it’s a good idea to buy?” She had asked.

I yawned, still half-asleep. “That’s up to you.” I said, almost gagging from my retainers.

“What do you think?” I just sighed and awkward silence ensued, still pissed that she had woken me up so early. Then just as I halfheartedly wanted to hang up and go back to bed, she said, “Just set up the order.” So I did, hung up, and finally climbing back to my bed across the hall only to be woken up again less than 30 minutes later by my alarm.

Anyway, after a nerve-wrecking 40 minutes drive, I finally stepped through the door. My hair was full-blown messy but I was okay. I successfully made it down the canyon gripping tight to my swaying car’s steering wheel.

The sky is brownish, near red now. It will be a powerful storm, I can feel it just by the sound of the wind. “I am coming,” it howls. 🙂

DSCF9852 1

27 minutes later…

DSCF9853 1

6 minutes after that, you can’t really see it but the sky had changed a lot during those 33 minutes

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