#AtoZChallenge – N For Natural Wonders

The state of Utah has a lot of natural wonders. It was once the breeding grounds for dinosaurs (no kidding). Archaeologists are still finding dinosaurs fossils out in the desert. Three years ago, when my family came to visit, I had the pleasure to go and see the brand new exhibits at the recently re-opened Natural History Museum.

Beside dinosaurs, Utah also has five National Parks, all with characteristics of its own. My favorites would have to be Canyonland and Arches National Park. I’ve been Zion National Park but I didn’t get to see much due to the my family’s whining. So I didn’t get to see much. Oh well, next time.

Arches National Park is made of a lot of arches and every one is different from the next. What’s so cool about them is they are all made from hundreds and maybe thousands of years of wind erosion. Just the thought that these arches were made by nature made them even more amazing to look at.

Canyonland National Park, on the other hand, used to be an ocean before the Pacific receded to California coastline. Just think, this is what the bottom of the ocean look like.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-tour of the natural wonders I’ve seen in the past few years and thanks for reading. 🙂

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