#AtoZChallenge – O For Out with it


Okay, I’ll just come out and say it. It’s Friday! You know what that means? The weekend!

I’ve been super behind with almost everything this week (blogging, writing 101, work etc). I haven’t gone to work half of the week and I feel like everything is rushing by while I am just standing still. For school, I feel like I’m just dragging myself through it, like my teacher said, “You’re at the last few miles of the marathon, your feet are bleeding and you’re breathless. You just want it over.”

That is exactly what I want, for everything to be over. Yesterday, almost as soon as I stepped through the door, the plumber pounded on the door. I had to take them to the rental home where the tenant complained there was a leakage in the pipes. It turned out our know-it-all ex-tenant, the one who built the basement bathroom without consulting us first, plumbed the place completely wrong. So that was $350 to re-connect the pipes.

Mom was completely pissed when she heard how much I paid. “What were you thinking?”

“You hired the guy.” I retorted. It is super frustrated when that happens.

I was in my room after that, quickly drafted the A to Z challenge post (20 minutes) before writing the post for the prompt. Unfortunately I got a little distracted and didn’t finish it until this morning. I would’ve finished it last night but I was dead tired after coming home from the GMAT workshop at my alma mater. I even fell asleep in the car. Thank god I wasn’t driving.

I’m alone at the moment but I’m afraid this peace won’t last long. Mom’d be home soon. I thought I just throw this post out there before I brace for another weekend of annoyance and anger.

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