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The Millionaire Next Door. It’s not a fun book to read, although some parts are part, when the authors write scenarios. Some of the scenarios, I have to admit are pretty funny yet realistic.

I’m not reading this book for fun. It’s for that book report for my cost accounting class and until I finish with that book report, I cannot read anything else which I’m dying to. There are so many books in my digital library. They are crying “read me, read me!” It just makes me want to scream.

The book is essentially the results from the research of which the authors has conducted to prove millionaire don’t live a luxurious life. They don’t have expensive clothes, expensive cars, or even expensive houses. They live in middle class neighborhoods and drive batter old cars. Hell, they are not even millionaires, not unless they liquidated all their assets. Apparently, the millionaires in the book don’t actually make a-million-dollar a year. Apparently, their net worth exceeds a-million-dollars and that’s what makes them millionaires.

Okay, I guess even dumbbells know that unless you’re a star or a professional sports celebrity, you’ll make less than a million. I also learned some new terms like under accumulator of wealth (UAW) or prodigious accumulator of wealth (PAW). Probably most of us all UAW because we like to spend money unlike the frugal PAWs which makes them millionaires.

Anyway, I think the bottom takeaway point of this redundant and boring book is by investing instead of spending, it’s possible we can go from UAW to PAW and probably become millionaires. Frankly, I can write on and on about the spending habits but I’m out of words for this darn strict prompt.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Currently Reading…

  1. Yinglan, you keep me entertained. Have you noticed how many books that tell you how to be a millionaire, are millionaire? If you can get enough people to buy your book, I guess anybody can be a millionaire! Quite a scheme, huh?

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad. Yes, I have noticed. I happen to have two of such books at home. You’re absolutely right, it is a dirty scheme they’re playing, charging us 20-bucks for a book. Sell 5 will earn them 100 and sell 50000 will earn them a million.


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