#AtoZChallenge – Z For…

Wow, can you believe it’s the last day of April already? I can hardly believe it. This challenge’s been fun even though my theme’s been all over the place.

I changed my theme three times!

First it was about me. Then it was about the places I’ve traveled to. I ran out of that pretty quick obviously, haven’t been to a lot of places. The last few days had been just random stuff.DSCF2575

I was going to use the word Zion for Z. You know, Zion National Park but who am I kidding? I barely been there. In 2012 when I first and last visited, my family was complaining and whining the whole way.

Are we there yet? Why is it so hot? Why are there so many people? I’m so hungry.

Oh, tough it up. You live in China which has way more people than here. I am also not doing Zion because every one of the pictures have someone in it.

Instead, I’m going to write about the letter Z in general. And no, this isn’t another X For X post.

The Portrait of Koxinga.jpg

His portrait from mid-17th Century Source: Wikipedia

So Z, what about it? Well, my last name begins with the letter Z. My mom told me my last name descended from the great Chinese Military Leader, ChengGong Zheng(郑成功). At first I was like yeah right but a part of me was intrigued.

I knew a little about who he was from world history but still I did a little research. He was born in Japan to a Chinese father and a Japanese mother. Japanese, huh? So does that mean there’s a possibility I have just a hint of Japanese in my blood? Huh, I don’t see it.

Anyway, I used to despise my last name so much. Up until a few years ago, I have wanted to change my last name to the same as my mother. It wasn’t fair I get picked last for everything. I’m always the last to be called when taking roll, the last to get my tests back, even the last to get open enrollment. All because the school decided to do everything by alphabetical order!

When I finally got my American citizenship, they asked if I want to change my name. The majority of me wanted to say YES YES YES, a million times YES but as I opened my mouth, I felt my mom’s stare behind me. Her stare said, “Don’t change it, it’ll be a lot of trouble.” It made me sigh and tell the man no.

It’s not so bad now. In fact, I think it’s unique. Not many people have that last name, not even in China. Though now, I’m horrifically curious to find out if ChengGong Zheng is really my ancestor.

8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – Z For…

  1. I’ve changed my name twice. First time when I got married. I was ecstatic to get rid of my maiden name, which I hate. Second time was to get rid of my first name and make my middle name my first name. Both times, the change was pretty trivial. Banks and such don’t really care about your name since they go by SSN, and name changes are now public record.

    I’m not suggesting that you change your name, just yaking about myself :p. I love the history of your name!

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