Not so Happily Ever After

Today’s prompt asks: “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

Am I living happily ever after? Um, that would be a giant NO! Do I even sound like someone that’s living happily ever? I mean, unless living at home approaching mid-20’s while facing emotional abuse on a daily basis living happily ever after, then yeah, I am. What will it take for me to get there? Let’s see. How about an apartment of my own, my own car, and my own cellphone?

I found out what was wrong with me yesterday. It is this ridiculous weather. Yes, I am blaming mother nature.


This was how the sky looked at about 10 am

So last weekend, the temperature went from the low 70’s to lower 90’s degree F. When I got out of my friend’s graduation, I was instantly sweating bullets. Then when I got to the restaurant for dinner, within seconds, my neck and the back of my shirt were soaking wet. I think mainly, it’s because everyone saved the worst seat for the girl who took 20 minutes to locate her car and missed the freeway entrance twice before arriving at the restaurant 30 minutes later (ME), the seat was directly beneath the sun while everyone else sat in the shade. I was lucky I didn’t get sunburned with my easily burned skin.

Anyway, last Sunday was a another 90 degree day. I was just about move into the basement when all of a sudden, on Monday, it cooled down to mid-80’s and the temperature had continued to cool in the days follow. This weekend, the weatherman has already forecast rain. Ugh it’s June, shouldn’t the rain stop and the sun come out?

So this is what I have concluded. As always, the fluctuating temperatures and the moody weather is the cause for my suffering.

After completing my post for yesterday, I was super dizzy with a bad headache. I thought I just need some food. That wasn’t it. So at last, I had to resort to some Advil which it worked. I felt so much better in 30 minutes or so.

Something tells me this summer will be a wet one.

3 thoughts on “Not so Happily Ever After

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