Work Accomplished

Well, I think I basically accomplished everything that’s work last week. I completely finished with this month’s work yesterday. With that said, I believe I still have a lot of work at my other job. For the past two months, my boss’s been debating whether to change the point-of-sales system even though the system now does all it needs to (make change, take in money, etc) but the inventory tracking system is crap. I think the problem is not the problem, it’s my boss.

He uses a gajillion programs (excel, Quickbooks, who knows what else) to track the inventory and he never updates all of them at the same time. So some of them are really behind. I offered to update them for him but he seemed to think I have my hands full with Quickbooks alone. Hmm, interesting.

Anyway, back to point-of-sales, the part that drives me absolutely nuts is the part where my boss consults me with which machine to buy. Pfft, like I have a clue.

Another thing that drives me insane is that every time I go in, I’d ask him when the new machine is going to get here because I was under impression he had ordered a new point-of-sales system. I’ve been asking this question since the end of June and he answered, “Oh, maybe tomorrow.”

I replied, “Well, if it gets here, call me.”

The truth is, he never ordered the damn machine. Last Thursday night, 11:00 PM, I received a text from my boss. In the text, he said he was excited. He had found a brand new POS system. I’m like, great, why are you telling me?

In the next text, he told me I should go in the shop the next day to check it out. So I went. From an online point-of-view, it looked pretty sophisticated. I told him to just go for it but he has doubts. Not my fault. So hopefully he’ll get the system and be done with this whole debate once and for all.

So I got all I have to get done this week work-wise. Writing-wise, I barely got anything done. I’ve decided to begin anew with my novella again since the high-school scene isn’t really working and it won’t work unless I experience high school myself because being in 3 different high school isn’t anyone’s experience of a high school experience.

Before I go, I want to show some more Beneath your feet pictures. This time, it’s really Beneath Your Feet.

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15 thoughts on “Work Accomplished

  1. Requiring only one day a week to be there….jobs like that are hard to come by…I say stay with it if the money is worth it…one day to put up with your boss isn’t too bad…it could be worse! 🙂

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    • Well, not exactly one day a week, just flexible hours (I get to pick). The pay’s not great but my boss is so far the best boss I’ve ever had which is the main reason I stayed but you’re right, it could be worse.


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