Share Your World – 2016 Week #35

List 2 things you have to be happy about?

So, as I wrote in a post recently, I quit my bookkeeping job after my boss cursed at me and wrongly accused me of not working. I’m not happy about that because although I don’t make a lot from this job, a dollar is better than nothing.

Since then, my mom had been pushing me to find an additional job. Over the weekend, I told her that maybe I should focus on my classes and my translation job since I will only be here for another three months. She agreed for once and that made me more happier than anything else in the whole world. I don’t want to spend the next three months hopping from one job interview to another and then quit after only a short time because I have to go back to China for four months.

The second thing I have to be happy about is of course seeing all the new readers on my blog. I recently reached 1,800 followers. Welcome, new readers! I will be making my way to visit your blogs shortly.

If you could take a photograph, paint a picture or write a story of any place in the world, what and where would it be?

I’m not sure if I can paint anything anymore. My translation job has crippled me. My hands hurt a lot even when I’m writing with a pen or pencil, so painting is out. I think if I take a photograph of any place in the world, it would be incredibly difficult to decide between all the place I have dreamed to go but it might be the Great Wall of China.NYR_3430_0001

First of all, it is a magnificent structure, something that can be seen from outer space and secondly, I have been there and it is more awesome and breathtaking when you’re climbing the thousands of steps. Seriously, the exercise takes your breath away.

I just feel bad that I lost all the pictures. My aunt supposedly has copies but she doesn’t know where, only her boyfriend does. But he passed. So the secret of the location of that picture CD remains buried. Therefore, this picture I plucked from Google will have to do for now, at least until I can visit again.

Should children be seen and not heard?tumblr_miwhqdPy5O1qb05x1o1_1280

I had never been in this situation as a child. I’m often not seen and not heard but I can imagine how parents would feel if their children are seen and heard at all times. I’ve been a babysitter, so I can relate. So I would say sometimes, children should be seen and not heard for example when it’s nap time while some other times, they should be seen and heard. It depends on the situation.

List at least five of your favorite first names.

Toni, Cassandra, Katherine, Taylor (boy or girl), Alexandria (yes, the city), and Katerina (a short form of Katherine but it sounds unique).

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Share Your World Challenge

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6 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2016 Week #35

    1. I think I’ll definitely have to go again. Last time I went was when I was 14 and I could barely remember a thing. 🙂

      It is great that I can focus on my classes this semester especially of all the ethics and philosophy class I’m taking. Yikes!


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