Election Day Thoughts


I was a mile from home when I busted out laughing. The radio announcer began, “Here’s what’s new on tonight…” he paused, “nothing. It’s wall-to-wall coverage of election night.” I was kind of bumped about that but still, you must admit, that was a little funny.

Speaking of election, I voted already, voted by mail almost a month ago. I didn’t want to vote for anyone. In fact, I told my mom why vote? Utah only has six electoral college votes. It’s not like we’d make a difference. My mom disagreed and gave me a big lecture about it.

She’s a die-hard Trump fan. A few weeks ago, she even got a sign sticking on the front lawn. You know the one that reads, “Make America Great Again”? It disappeared a week ago, probably taken down by someone who disapproves the message. There is no doubt my mom’s face will be glued to the screen tonight. She’s hoping for a Brexit surprise. On the other hand, I will be catching up my shows via On Demand – a service which I am paying $80 each month along with the internet.

One of my inbox is filled with email from the Republican party and Trump. I don’t read it. I never do. I just hit delete on all of them. Since when did I became a member of the Republican party, I wonder? I don’t remember filling out anything. Hmm…

Weather-wise, it’s beautiful here. Autumn is sticking around this year. It November and we still haven’t hit the freezing mark yet which it’s both surprising and a little scary. I heard that the longer Autumn sticks around, the longer Winter will be. Uh oh!

21 thoughts on “Election Day Thoughts

  1. Dual-national, so I get to vote in another system as well. But I have to say, it’s most certainly no better than anything in the US. As the Japanese put it, “Crap-flavored curry, or curry-flavored crap.”

    We also account for only 6 electors here, but it’s a swing-state. At any rate, I’m glad I voted… if for no other reason than that it gives me the right to complain later.

    Time for some music. I’ll find out what’s on the menu tomorrow morning. (-_^)


    1. Yeah, it’s looking good for her but not for me. I’m getting reports of the stock markets plummeting and I’m crying about it. I’ve got 1000 dollars in it.


  2. I have an advantage since I am writing this Wednesday morning and we both know who won. From a life time of many presidential elections I have never seen such a dreadful choice to succeed what has been one of the most… if not THE most disastrous incumbency. So now the choice has been made… and we move on. Many more thoughts are swirling around in my head but I won’t take the time or space here. I am still thankful to be an American… I still fly the flag outside my home every day… and I still believe and practice our national declaration “In God We Trust”.


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    1. I agree with you said. I came to the U.S in the Bush Era and it seemed like it went downhill as Obama took office and now this. I wonder what people are thinking but like you said, the choice has been made and we move on and hope for the best.


    1. Yeah, it was kinda excited. I ended up tuning in too even though I did initially planned on catching up my shows. I didn’t care for the commentary, it was the numbers that drew me in. I just checked to see who won and I guess now the country must think about what they’ve done. I’m crossing my fingers in hoping this won’t be as bad as the analysts had predicted. Were you disappointing in the results?


      1. I really am not disappointed with the results but mostly because I got sick and tired of main stream media cramming Hiliary Clinton down my throat. And, I do think Trump will make a great president. America just needs to give him a chance.

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      2. Yeah me too. I even stopped watching the news because of it. I’m neither happy nor disappointed with the results at the moment. I think I’m just hoping for the best.


      3. We are all hoping for the best. I feel that both Donald Trump and Hiliary Clinton were put through the fire with the “skeletons in their closet.” Because of that, they both came out as better people. I think Donald Trump will be a great leader as long as he lets those who are wise in the affairs of the United States, advise him.

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