End of Semester Nightmares

I woke up screaming last night. I checked the time – it was 2:10 am. My end of semester nightmares are starting again. Ugh! 

I tried to go back to asleep again but when I closed my eyes, I could see the same nightmare starting again. It’s like the last time I watched a scary movie. I was too freaked out to go back to sleep. Curiously, I unplugged my tablet, brought it to bed, and googled “dream interpretation.”

In my nightmare, I was walking along a lake shore, rocks and pebbles crunched beneath my feet. I was talking to my mom on the phone. What the conversation was about, I’m not sure. Before me, in the lake, two fins rose above the water and began destroying islets in the middle of the lake, sawing them in half. Unaware, I find myself walking toward the wooden dock, watching rocks get split in half while conversing with my mom. 

As I got off the phone, one of the fins swam toward me. I staggered back a few steps and started to run but I was tripped by something slimy. As I fell, something picked me up and suddenly, I found myself face to face with a shark. At this point, I felt my heart pounding a thousand beats a minute and as the shark swallowed me, I woke up in my bed, screaming. 

What does it mean?shark

According to Dream Symbol, a dream involving sharks may mean – just to name a few – I am anxious, nervous, or in fear about something, I am sensing danger, I am fearing the worst, or just the harsh reality of life.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am nervous about my two finals next week and the final presentation and the 8-page paper due within the next two days, not to mention I am heading to China next month and my health insurance is not taken care of. I really hope Obamacare gets repealed soon. It is very frustrating for me because I got denied by the state medicaid and Obamacare and have been trying to get it appealed but the government is always so slow at doing things.

As for the other explanations, I don’t know. Is there danger around me I don’t know about? I would say I’m a little afraid of traveling alone in Asia. After all, this is a dog-eat-dog world, especially in Asia but I’ve been in worse places before.

Maybe I’m thinking too much. Maybe this nightmare is just about the harsh reality of life, a signal that another semester is once again coming to an end and that means grades are about to come out. Honestly, I’m not too worried about this semester’s grades. I will graduate either way.

So why am I so anxious? No idea but I can say this, this end-of-semester nightmares will be the only thing I won’t miss about school. Of course, I won’t miss the studying and trying to get a good grade.

12 thoughts on “End of Semester Nightmares

  1. I’m sorry you are having to deal with nightmares right now but I feel sure they are because of your finals coming up and the presentation you are scheduled to give. Hopefully, they will end once the semester is over. Going to China by yourself does sound frightening but it also sounds like an exciting adventure!

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  2. Bro. I think traveling alone anywhere were you are not familiar with the customs of the location could be a challenge. But if you have the chance to travel; go for it Bro. I suggest that you visit the Island of GUAM. http://www.visitguam.com/ I lived there for 2 years of my life and it was Awesome!!! If it gives you any confidence, it is USA Territory. After you get to know the customs and people from Asia who live there you might change your idea about traveling to Asia alone. But if you have the chance to anywhere Bro: Go for it

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    1. It’s not that I’m not familiar with the custom, it’s just I haven’t been there in a decade. Lots of changes and unfortunately, I’m not traveling for pleasure this time, I have to take care of something in China but if I’m traveling for pleasure in the future, I’ll think about Guam.


  3. Oh no shar dreams! Indeed scary and and I would scream too. It will turn out okay and I hope you work out your healthcare. I thought Obama care was pretty much universal for anyone in the US. Can you appeal their decision? Perhaps look on line maybe in your state you live in, there is sometime of healthcare available. You’re probably like me I assume, having a pre-existing condiotion. So when I was kicked off of disability I had to do research. We have Blue Cross in my province abs I got their plan C which has travel coverage as well abdcyouncan purchase more, but they wouldn’t cover any of the Ned’s I need to take abs have been taking, aoI had to get special nongroup coverage for those medications.

    I know I’m in Canada, but I’m wondering the states might have something similar where you live, even if you have to pay more, you should be able to get coverage. I pay $87 CAN for my Bluecross which covers everything but my meds snd $66.50 fir the nongroup drug coverage. I did end up purchasing my own life insurance and accidental death insurance earlier this year, as even when Inhad disability benefits from work, the amount was small. So for $100 000 life insurance until I’m 100 I’m covered, and for 20 years for double that amount for accidental death. It’s $78.90 CAN a month. So yeah expensive but necessary and hopefully what I went through and found these last few months can help you even though the US is different.

    Sorry for the long post.

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    1. The insurance is different in every state and some states creates more headaches than others. Basically, the amount of insurance we pay depends on our approximate gross income for the upcoming year. It’s sort of like a gamble. If you approximated too low, then you have to make up the difference when you file your taxes and if you approximate too high, then you’re lucky.

      I never liked it and hope it gets repealed soon. I finally resolved that issue today after adjusting my income. That’s one thing out of the way.

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