50 Things To Be Grateful For in 2016

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!


I saw this challenge last year and contemplated on joining in but I procrastinated and ended missing the chance. Well this year, I am determined. I will not procrastinate.

Here are the instructions, as written on the hosting blog, Tales From the Motherland:

  1. Write your post and publish it (please copy and paste the instructions from this post, into yours)
  2. Click on the blue frog at the very bottom of this post.
  3. That will take you to another window, where you can past the URL to your post. (folks have trouble with this, but it’s not that hard.
  4. Follow the prompts, and your post will be added to the Blog Party List.

So here I go, 50 things in 2016 that I am grateful or happy about (Not in any particular order):

  1. Graduating and finishing schoolwp-1482033118818.jpeg
  2. Good grades. To some people, my grades would be considered average but to me, an average person, they are stellar.
  3. Successfully getting through the semester.
  4. I’m grateful to have a place to call home.
  5. My mom for putting up with me.
  6. My mom for supporting me through the last 7 years of school.
  7. My aunt for making the trip to the U.S. for my graduation.
  8. My aunt for keeping me company.
  9. My aunt for making my life easier by cleaning the house and completing my chores.
  10. WordPress and the blogging community. You have been there for me through both the happy and sad times of 2016.
  11. My followers and readers for being my audience and reading my stories.
  12. All my new followers – I will be visiting your blogs soon enough.
  13. I am grateful for all the new friends I’ve made in school, on Facebook, here, and LinkedIn
  14. I am grateful for my friend, Kat, for driving me to school during those crazy weeks at the end of February. You’re the best, Kat!
  15. I am glad I got through my ordeal in February.
  16. I am glad I did not go through with moving out even though I was committed.
  17. I am grateful to have a job.
  18. I am happy about quitting my other job after enduring 18 months of repetitive routine that seemed to be heading nowhere.
  19. I am grateful for being healthy.
  20. indian-trail-2I am happy and grateful about getting to see so many beautiful natural scenery.
  21. I am glad I got to go hiking.
  22. I am happy with all the pictures I have taken this year.
  23. I am happy I learned a thing or two about photography through participating challenges.
  24. My camera – one of the tools that had kept me calm during 2016.
  25. Music – another one of those tools.
  26. Writing – another one of those tools that kept my anxiety in check.
  27. Books, TV shows, and movies – provided me with the inspiration for my fiction.
  28. I am proud of the stories I had written this past year.
  29. I am grateful for the chance to share my photos and stories with people around the world.
  30. I am happy and proud of my commitment to blogging.
  31. Joining the school’s accounting club made me happy.
  32. I am happy I got a chance at volunteering and serving the community.
  33. I am grateful for having a Kindle, which had provided me with more books than I can read.
  34. The old way – I got to do something the old way this year.
  35. I am grateful for paperback books. I am liking them again.
  36. Electronic devices – they keep me entertained and occupied while making some things fun and other things complicated.snow-4
  37. My new computer – which meant my old computer can at last be retired after almost 7 years.
  38. My counselor and the counseling sessions – those kept me grounded at a time when my anxiety was getting to be too much for me to handle.
  39. Meditation – that kept me calm.
  40. Yoga – I tried that in 2016 and it felt great.
  41. Snow – hope I’ll have a white Christmas this year.
  42. My friend’s stereo – I no longer have to listen to music through headphones.
  43. iPod – for providing me with more music than I can listen in a lifetime and for storing my favorite songs.
  44. My tablet – for alerting me of incoming emails and notification as well as acting as a phone.
  45. bonneville-rockI am looking forward to and grateful for the trip to China. This trip will provide me with the vacation I so long needed as well as the time for me to contemplate about what’s next for me.
  46. I am grateful for this challenge, for giving me a chance to reflect on 2016.
  47. Travel – I got to go to some interesting places this year.
  48. I am grateful for having a car. Otherwise, I would not know how to get to places.
  49. I am happy to see the festivities around.
  50. I am glad to have such helpful and caring neighbors.

30 thoughts on “50 Things To Be Grateful For in 2016

  1. Great list. Isn’t it interesting that some of the things you are grateful for are the very things that caused many grumbles! Being an over-comer and sticking to your goals has paid off wonderfully well. Merry Christmas, dear girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yinglan, I’m SO glad you got to join my blog hop this year! This is the 3rd year I’ve hosted it, and each time I meet wonderful new bloggers, and connect with people thru’ positivity and gratitude; you can’t go wrong there! 🙂 Thanks for making the time.

    Your list is wonderful, and filled with so many wonderful accomplishments and achievements, as well has simple things that we all can appreciate. It’s great! If you don’t mind, could you provide a link in your instructions, back to my original post ( https://talesfromthemotherland.me/2016/12/18/50-happy-things-bloggers-unite/ ) ? That was part of this, and there are a few notes that others may appreciate seeing too. If not, it’s not a problem, but helps keep these all curated. Thanks again for making time to share your good things, and all the best in 2017!

    Liked by 1 person

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