A Photo a Week Challenge: December Holidays


My aunt and I visited the flagship store of Deseret Books as well as the City Creek Mall and Temple Square a few weeks ago. Upon arriving at the bookstore, we saw this decoration by the window. It looks like the bookstore is all ready for Christmas.


I really like the ornament on the Christmas tree that reads, “Believe” because I think it reinforces the idea that December holidays are based heavily on belief – on whether you believe in Santa, on whether you believe this event really happened in history, etc. My mom and aunt often laugh at me for still believing in Santa. My point is there are no December holidays without belief. Without belief, December holidays will be nothing but commercialism and I believe the picture below reinforces the idea.


A Photo a Week Challenge

5 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: December Holidays

  1. We made it to Temple Square this year only because we got tickets to the MoTab Choir concert and then the choir we sing in performed at the North Visitor Center and Assembly Hall as part of the annual free concert seri on the Square. It’s a tradition we love, but it can be hard to find the time to do it. Love your photos. Thanks for Joni g the challenge!

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