Sculptures, Statues, Carvings – Cee’s Black & White


Finding sculptures, statues, and carvings are much easier to find here in China than in the U.S. These things are everywhere. For example, this gate to the harbor is located next to a popular mall. This harbor is called Tianzi Harbor (天字码头). Ancient signs in Chinese require you to read from right to left. It’s weird, I know. I learned that when I was studying my genealogy last summer.


There are statues of Sun Yat-Sen everywhere. What can I say? This was his hometown and when someone’s as famous as him, there’s bound to be a statue or two around the city.


I shot this at Qi-Jiang Park. This park used to be a shipyard long ago and what you’re looking is basically a giant crane and these statues are lowering the crane. Some old folks have apparently found themselves a good place to do some tai chi on a beautiful afternoon.


I went on a hot spring retreat last weekend and it was wonderful. Super relaxing. I think it would had been better if it wasn’t for the mist and rain. Etched on the rock is the name of the resort – Jin Shui Tai Hot Spring (金水台温泉).

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