From my Perspective for Cee’s Black & White

Here are some of the pictures from my last visit to the ranch. I hope you enjoy my selection.

My view from the cabbage patch
My perspective of the Phoenix Eye Fruit (凤眼果) from the bottom of the tree.
Desaturated flowers found among the cabbage patch

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

15 thoughts on “From my Perspective for Cee’s Black & White

  1. Phoenix Eye Fruit… (Sterculia monosperma) Never heard it called that, so I had to look it up using the kanji. As someone with an Asian background, rather embarrassing to admit that I didn’t recognize it from the photo. But I’d never seen it grown. Fascinating! In parts of the US, Americans eat these too — usually around Christmas. And very popular in Japan, especially at winter festivals.

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    1. I am even embarrassed to say I have never seen it or even heard of it until my aunt told me to take a picture. 😀 My aunt says Phoenix eye fruit is the name of the fruit in mandarin. I put the name in Google to translate and it came back as “Fungus Fruit” 😀 don’t know what deal was.

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      1. Yay! I’m not alone. 😉 I’ve just heard the nuts called “Chinese chestnuts” (in Japan & the US), or “Chinese peanuts” (in Thailand). But I like the name “Phoenix eye fruit” better. I’ve eaten them in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Smaller than American chestnuts, but very tasty. Nice street-food treat, especially on a cold night.

        If I recall correctly, I think I heard somewhere that they’re being grown in the US to replace regular chestnut trees because they’re resistant to a chestnut tree disease. Never knew what the tree looked like.

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