Song A Day Challenge – Day 4

About a week ago, I was tagged by Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash for the Song A day challenge. Thanks, Deb, I hope to delight you and my readers with a song for the remaining 2 days.


  • Post the lyrics of a favorite song five days in a row, explain what they mean to you (if you like) and add the video if available. 
  • I’m supposed to nominate two bloggers a day. I’ll try but if I don’t, I’ll just leave the challenge open to everyone. 

Today, my nominees are:

  1. CreativeSiba
  2. Write On


I love this song and all the song on this album. I think this song sends a great message – everyone needs a break sometimes whether it’s “to smoke” or “to drink”. It’s a reminder that no one is perfect, no one can go on working forever, and once in a while, a person must let go of the baggage he/she is carrying and just let loose.

20 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge – Day 4

  1. My favorite song by Carrie Underwood is Before He Cheats. I love the emotion she puts into it and it’s just really fun to sing! I love your thoughts on this song and you’re right we all need a break every now and then! 🙂

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      1. I agree, I am the same:) Carrie has so many that are so good. I still love her second song to do well “Before He Cheats” many good memories dancing to that one 🙂

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