Song A Day Challenge – Day 5

About a week ago, I was tagged by Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash for the Song A day challenge. Thanks again, Deb for tagging me for the challenge.


  • Post the lyrics of a favorite song five days in a row, explain what they mean to you (if you like) and add the video if available. 
  • I’m supposed to nominate two bloggers a day. I’ll try but if I don’t, I’ll just leave the challenge open to everyone. 

Today, my nominees are:

  1. Writer’s Dream
  2. Peach6972


Since this is my last Song A Day Challenge post, I will go with something popular. I first heard this song on YouTube while I was in China. Then the cell phone store around the corner of where I lived in China began playing the song and I couldn’t get it out of my head. This song is so addicting. So I went back to YouTube and watched the “behind the scene” video where the meaning of the song was explained.

It turned out the song’s all about life which made me like it even more because a lot of the popular songs nowadays are about emotions and love which makes me barf if I listen to too many of them. That’s the whole reason why I turned to country where not every song is not about emotions and love but a humorous story about love or some other topic. However, the meaning behind this song is something different, something that I can actually relate. That’s why I like this song.

7 thoughts on “Song A Day Challenge – Day 5

  1. You know, I’ve heard this song before but never really knew the lyrics. Very interesting, makes you think hmmm. It definitely has a catchy tune and beat, but the message is not what you would expect if you weren’t paying attention to what she’s saying, as I wasn’t, until now.

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    1. I’m always paying attention to what the song says because I had an incident once when I first came to the U.S when I liked a song with a message inappropriate for my age. I got scolded by my stepdad and I’ve been extra careful since then.

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      1. Sometimes I can’t make out what they are saying. There’s a song by Arrowsmith and I always thought they were singing “Do the Funky Lady” turns out they were singing “Dude looks like a lady” Lol!! So I bet you did not realize back then that the song was inappropriate, but I can understand why you listen so carefully now.

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      2. Absolutely! I sometimes have a hard time making out the words too and then sing along with it. then when I look up the lyrics, I would find the lyrics are not what I thought.

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