Out of Focus

I think everyone’s had the experience of taking out of focus pictures. Their reasons might be – they couldn’t see the result in the little screen or the sun was shining right at the small screen when they were trying to focus the pictures. I sure have experienced this sort of thing countless of times when using a point-and-shoot camera. Then when I look at them on the computer, I would hit myself on the head. A beautiful moment ruined by an out-of-focus picture because I couldn’t see the tiny screen.

Above was one of those cases. I was hiking Waterfall Canyon last weekend, taking pictures of water, trees, and mountains. I remembered taking this photo. I remember seeing it in the tiny screen. It looked okay but when I got home, I was in disbelief. How did this happen? How did everything became focus but the water? Grr….

I thought this came out okay but in my opinion, the cherry on the right should had been focused too.

And I am blaming the wind for the unfocused flowers.

Daily Post Photo Challenge

7 thoughts on “Out of Focus

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