Share Your World – Week of August 28, 2017

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

Although I have an infinite number of concepts for a perfect day, I think this would be what I need at the moment.

My definition of a perfect day would be to sleep until I’m fully awake and waking up to sunshine outside my basement window. Then I get to make the breakfast I want – whatever I desire that day. After breakfast, I would get to lay on the recliner with my laptop and binge a TV show or movie with no one telling me to clean up or that I need to take them somewhere.

Maybe I would decide to go outside into the backyard and soak some sunshine in the afternoon. Lunch would probably not matter on this perfect day. If I get hungry, I would get a snack to satisfy my stomach. Finally, dinner would probably be something easy like Ramen noodles in front of the TV.

Complete this sentence: My favorite place in the whole world…..

Like a lot of other bloggers, my favorite place in the whole world is home because that’s the place I’m most comfortable. It’s where I can toss my things everywhere and it’s a place where I don’t have to be constantly searching for my stuff in a suitcase.

Who was your best friend in elementary school (prior to age 12)?

Prior to age 12, I would say my best friend was a girl named Anna. She, like me at the time, was also new to this country. We had a lot fun. I think it was one of my favorite times as a child. Unfortunately, after elementary school, we both got sent to different middle school and never got each other’s contact information. Facebook didn’t exist back then and by the time it existed, I had forgotten her last name. I often wonder where she is now and whether she remembered me as I remembered her.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

To be honest, I can’t remember what happened last week at all. Oh yeah, the raise, the interview. I got a raise! That inspired me a little this week. However, I’ve been super busy trying to get this loan approved by the bank. I started filling out the forms last Friday and got rejected twice already. Grr… I feel like I’m about to punch one of those bankers in the face. Calm down, now. Think of the raise.

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Share Your World Challenge

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