A Photo a Week Challenge: By Firelight

I took this picture two years ago at a Christmas party. At the time, I was testing a camera I had just bought. I like the appearance of firelight, the way the fire fire dances makes everything feel more lively. However, it was quite tricky to capture on camera. It took me several tries to capture this photo.

I took this picture the week before Thanksgiving with my tablet when we turned on the fireplace for the first time. This was my first fireplace ever and I wasn’t sure how to operate it. The previous owner of the house showed it to me once but it’s been several months. Less than five minutes after I turned it on (just enough time for me to snap this picture with my tablet), the house’s smoke detector went berserk! It turned out, when we turned on the fireplace, I forgot to open the vents to the chimney first. Oops!

A Photo A Week Challenge

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