Photo of the Day!

My mom has been on a craze lately. Every weekend since Christmas, she had been calling her friends in Salt Lake City, persuading them to go out. We (meaning me) would be the guide. The thing is, she doesn’t realize how badly I wish to be alone at home sleeping. I wish I can tell her but I’m in mood to argue especially with her. So I agree.

Last Saturday night, after the weatherman said it’s going to be sunny the next day, she immediately called her friend, asking whether they want to go to the Salt Flats and West Wendover (a small town on the border of Utah and Nevada known for its casinos), knowing they’d say yes. Instantaneously, I sighed.

The next morning, when I stepped out of my house, I was hit with a dense fog. At that moment, I felt like the plan would collapse but it did not because my mom is super stubborn. She insisted the fog would clear up soon. The moment we arrived at our friend’s house, it was landing on another world. It was clear with blue skies.

After telling my mom and the host, I walked down to when I saw the city. The fog had already cleared up a bit. The large cloud you see next to the mountain was the last of the fog. It didn’t look as magical as about 15 minutes before. Still, it did look beautiful.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/13, 16 mm, ISO-100, 1/125 sec)

7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

    1. Thank you.
      I had some language barrier when communicating with her friends since I’m not entirely fluent in mandarin but other than, nothing really tough, just had to ignore my mom’s back-seat driving. 😀

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