Which Way to Canyon Hollow?

Last Sunday, I went hiking up the Canyon Hollow Trail. This was a new trail for me and I was very excited to it though not in the middle of the winter. It was actually my mom’s idea to hike this trail since her friends live near the trail. I ended up hiking alone because my mom was more interested in talking to her friends than hiking up the mountain.

So I went alone. Initially, I wanted to do the Canyon Hollow but then I discovered the trail overlaps with several other trails. After struggling to make a decision, I decided to wing it. I decided to follow the Ghost Falls trail. This trail sounded promising and interesting. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of ice. In the end, I stuck with Canyon Hollow.

There were quite a bit of this sign along the trail. I’m not sure what it meant. Does the upper trail lead to a horse trail? Are bicycles only allow on the lower trail?

There was approximately a 500 feet elevation on this trail and the higher up I went, the sun shined brighter. However, with the sun shining, the ice on the path melted and became muddy and slippery.

Not only the mud dirtied up my hiking boots and pants, it stuck to my boots and made it very heavy, like dragging cement. Eventually, after almost 3 miles, I decided I must turn around or else I’d get in trouble with my mom for wading my feet through mud.

Total hiking time: a little over 2 hours
Total distance round trip: about 5 miles
Trail level: easy

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4 thoughts on “Which Way to Canyon Hollow?

  1. So glad you had a good hike, even if Mom stayed behind. Isn’t the increasing amount of signage on hiking trails amazing? I wonder how much of it is ignored because of the amount. Great post. Thank you.

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    1. Absolutely! More trails means more places for me to explore in nature. 😃 I wonder about the amount that’s being ignored too and I’d imagine that to be a fairly big amount. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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