Loud Silence of Nature

I cannot stop thinking about my hike last Sunday especially now I’m back in the hustle bustle of my hometown in China. Silence is rarely found in this part of China and it makes me even more grateful to have experience silence before diving head first into the city.
This was shot along the Canyon Hollow Trail in northern Utah where for almost three hours, I was surrounded by nothing but nature and silence as I hiked almost three miles along the trail before turning back. The first time I encountered bicyclists, I was startled by how loud the sound was. The way the wheels spun sounded like an extremely loud bumblebee.

I must admit, I panicked the first time but by the second time, I was used to it and just stood on the side waiting for the bicyclists zoom down the hill.

It’s sure surprising how incredible loud silence really is when you experience it in nature.

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4 thoughts on “Loud Silence of Nature

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