Which Way in Hong Kong?

When I went to Hong Kong more than a week ago, my aunt decided to take me up to Victoria Peak. This was my fourth visit to Hong Kong but it felt like this was truly the first time I really got to see Hong Kong. My last visits were either about shopping or trying to shove ten destination into a day trip sort of thing. This time, although it was still semi-rushed, at least, I got to take some great pictures.

The above picture is Hong Kong Park, obviously. To get to the Peak Tram, we must first go through the park. When we arrived, it was lunchtime. So there were groups of white-collar office workers sitting on the park benches munching on their lunches.

 This was one last look at the park before rushing to the tram station.

We stood in line for almost an hour before we could squeeze onto the tram. When I looked up and saw the sign that read, “Seated 95, Standing 25,” I immediately scoffed. There was no way there are twenty-five people standing on this tram. The car was obviously over-loaded.

After we arrived at the Peak Tower and almost got pushed off of the tram, I hit the souvenir shop for postcards. Weird, huh? But that’s how I am. I collect postcards of places I travel. We then rode the escalator and explored each level until we reached the top. It was a long escalator ride.

This is one side of the roof platform which shows not only the rails for the tram but it also shows people walking along the trail not far from the peak tower. I wish I had walked that trail. Next time, I guess.

Finding the way back was not easy due to the station under the construction. Eventually, we followed the sign and found a lot of people waiting in line. There’s almost always a line in every popular destination in Hong Kong. Luckily, we waited about 45 minutes before squeezing onto a tram back down to the bottom.

My aunt took this picture as we reached the station since I couldn’t turn my body. The ride down was a bit frightening because I was standing in a tram descending at a 30-45 degree angle. A couple of times, I felt my feet slide forward. Scary but I made it and that was my one-day adventure in Hong Kong.


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