#WeekendCoffeeShare: For Now

Good Saturday morning! Thank you for joining me. Let’s get some drinks! It’s been a busy week. I barely had time to make smoothies. The smoothie in the picture was one I made last week – Spicy Smoothie with mixed berries and veggies. What would you like? Coffee, tea, or shall I whip you up a smoothie too?

How’s your week been? Anything interesting happened?

My week was very hectic. I had a doctor appointment on Monday and several other appointment throughout the week meeting with people and still hoping to kick start my business which is something my mom and family totally dead set against. They don’t think I have the quality to run a business. Well, I’m going to prove them wrong.

I discovered I have a mild case of sleep apnea and soon, I’ll have to use a CPAP machine to keep my oxygen level from falling below 70% while I’m asleep.

The most annoying thing of the week was my mom. Just because I don’t have a job doesn’t mean I’m not busy at home. She always assumes that and on Tuesday, she did just that. She said, “because you’re so free at home, why don’t you do this project?”

The project was a 20-some pages document needing translation from English to Chinese. It gave me such a killer headache. For three straight days, I didn’t exercise. I walked less than 4,000 steps a day. I just spent those three days sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out what each of those Chinese characters was and what it meant and whether the Chinese translation made sense.

Then each night, when she got home, she would tell me to do this and that while whining and complaining about me not doing anything at home while she’s out there, making money.

So when I complain a little about work, it’s not okay but when she does it, it is? Talk about fairness.

On the freelance job front, I still kept submitting proposal on Upwork (a site freelancers go to find jobs) daily. No luck until Friday when I submitted a proposal for a company hiring 99 freelancers to do data entry. I figure, hiring 99 is better than hiring 1. So I gave it a shot.

It doesn’t matter how doing data entry has nothing to do with accounting, I just need some kind of income right now to get my mom to stop whining as well as a steady income for me to do some kick starting on my business. I still plan on getting my Quickbooks certification. I still plan on starting my own business. For now, I’ll just have to multi-task –  get some income going while getting my certification and finding my first client.

Anyway, less than an hour after applying for that data entry position, someone contacted me and I got hired just like that. Now, I just hope this job isn’t as complicated as the hiring manager described. Seriously, it didn’t look that complicated. After all, the job description didn’t say it required a college degree. 🤞

Now hopefully, that will get my mom off my back about finding a job because I have a job now.

If we were having drinks, I would thank you for joining me this weekend. I would tell you I went hiking up Frary Peak with a group on Meetup last Sunday and took plenty of pictures. I hope to go again tomorrow (different hiking spot of course). 😄

25 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: For Now

  1. Hey Yinglan, love your weekly updates. You can the business thing, I know you can. It’s hard w/o family support, but I think asI said b4, come up with a business plan, it very well could change their minds as well. Your smoothie sounds good. I have been drinking this stuff called matcha it’s pure green tea, the entire leaf, it increases your energy level and speeds up your metabolism. It acts like coffee and the caffeine it it would act, except it’s more natural than that. A bit hard to drink b/c it’s so green but I bought the chocolate and vanilla kind and so far love it, in a shake with cold water, or a bit of milk ( almond milk too) or hot water. I like the chocolate hot, it’s hot chocolate w/o the calories. It’s amazing and 1/2 tsp per drink goes a long way. I even use it in the afternoon sometimes, when Im feeling completely e/o energy and so far it helps.

    You helped support your mom a long time, she she shouldn’t complain. Also, you need to have your own life to. My experience with Upwork is that you put in like 90 proposals and will heat from 10. Maybe 3 or 4 will be legitimate offers. Start with tiny projects, just people asking for product reviews, or ones that pay badly, do a few, you’ll find business picks up after that. Also, it takes time to figure out what people will pay and think your work. Once you’ve more jobs behind you, you can ask for a bit better pay. Good luck!

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    • I’m not sure I trust Upwork right now. That was where I got scammed and now the scammers are making me anxious and scared because I did the stupid thing of accepting their check. My head is all over the place right now. I think I just got desperate to a point I’d try anything. I think I’ll just do the old fashioned route from now on to avoid anymore scamming.

      Matcha sounds nice. I have some at home and I agree about its awesome qualities. I used to put it in my tea all the time but now, I’m just sticking with ginger, better for digestion.

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  2. Good luck I. Your job. Hope it works out for you. Talking about your Mom thinking that you don’t do anything wives go through all the time. Just one I wish my husband would take my side in a difference. I am fault because a new giver change my bathroom and kitchen around to suit her. I his comment “I didn’t supervise her.” That I stopped her doing it her things doesn’t matter. Oh, I should be used to jt.

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  4. It has to be tough, having to hear all that negativity, especially from family, who should support you. Wishing you all the best on your new endeavor and always know that you have the support of your coffee buds who are eager to hear about it. Thanks as always for the beautiful photos – the last one makes me want to take off on my bike so bad! Have a great week, and hang in there!

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