#AtoZChallenge 2018 – H for Hiking Trails

I have been thinking about going on a hike lately. I guess hiking up a trail would keep me occupied for most of the day, it would be a momentary distraction of my current situation. However, every time I want to go, the weather seemed to change from sunshine to rain. I keep wondering if it’s a sign from up above, telling me I should wait until I secured employment.

Not being able to go out and being stuck inside is beginning to make me relive those first few times when I went on a hike on a beautiful day. The above picture is from my very first hike which was Adam’s Canyon in June 2016. I haven’t been on Adam’s Canyon since Labor Day 2016 when my health was at its worst. I remember I had to stop every few seconds just to catch my breath. My chest ached and every one of my muscles burned. That hike took place a few weeks before I learned I had lupus.

I heard at the end of this trail is a waterfall, my favorite kind of ending. However, the path to the waterfall is dangerous if not treacherous. I signed up for a hike up this trail with a group for April 21. Surely, I can make it up to the waterfall this time. After all, my current health condition is much better than 2 years ago. I just hope the weather will cooperate.

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