#AtoZChallenge 2018 – J for Jasper

On the first of the three days touring Icefield Parkway, my aunt and I stopped in Jasper, a town located at the end of the scenic route. We drove around town once before circling back looking for food. As we drove along the main road, my aunt was so surprised when she saw there was a Chinese restaurant. I bet part of her must had really wanted that bowl of steamed white rice.

After parking the car, my aunt and I went and checked out its menu. One of the things I like about Canada is every restaurant has a menu taped at the door, letting people know what they serve and for how much.

As much as she wanted Chinese food though, my aunt decided to move on. “I’m in Canada, not China,” she said. At the beginning of the trip, she told me she wanted to eat western food on our entire road trip. That night, we settled with having seafood at a restaurant a block from the Chinese restaurant. 

After dinner, decided to burn off some calories, we walked around Jasper, checking out its back streets and rustic architecture. We saw a firehouse that looked like a cross between a house and church. My aunt thought it was a peculiar house until I told her it was Jasper’s fire department.

We also saw the antique trains at the train station across the road from the restaurant we ate at. It turned out we can ride Amtrak to Jasper. My aunt wanted to try it next time. I’m pretty sure we’ll have to switch trains several times before arriving in Jasper.

What caught my eyes the most was the totem pole. It looked so out of place next to the bus depot and train station. I felt like it’s supposed to be on the other side of the road. Maybe that’s the whole point – to look so out of place that people will notice. I did, in fact, it was about the only thing I remembered about Jasper, other than the food of course.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/5.6, 34 mm, ISO-100, 1/160 sec)

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