#AtoZChallenge 2018 – Q for Quaint

My grandmother grew up in this quaint village about an hour drive from my hometown of Zhongshan. Everybody knew everybody in this village. Few places like this exist nowadays.

I visited that village in 2017 when I went to China. The village had changed quite a bit like the fact that the village is now divided by a highway and the village is now a part of Gangkou, a town next to my hometown, which will soon become part of Zhongshan.

At first glance, you cannot tell there is a village. The village is concealed behind a row of modern warehouses. You really have to park your car and then stroll into the village. Once you’re in the village, you may feel like you’re in a place that is quickly being swallowed by the 21st century.

As I strolled around the village that day, I felt like I was walking through time even though a lot of the houses had modernized since my last visit almost two decades ago (wow, has it really been long?).  Some of the original houses still remained like the house in the top photo and the photo above. The house in the top photo is the house my grandmother grew up in, probably 100 years old. Still standing.

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