#WeekendCoffeeShare: Celebration with Three Stumbles

Good Sunday afternoon! Thank you for joining me. Come on in for some cold drinks since it’s almost 70°F (21°C)! After the long cold winter, this is hot.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you this is my first of two weekends alone. My mom is in China until the end of the month. Last weekend, I was super excited, I thought I was going to be free to do what I want. Who would’ve thought I would be stuck at home all week waiting for phone calls all week?

The first two days was tough. My mom would intermittently call to check on me, pretending to ask me questions, and if I didn’t answer the call quick enough, she would then leave a message in an annoyed tone.

If we were having cold drinks, I would tell you about my good news. My temp agency called me earlier this week and told me about a position opening for accounting associate at a biomedical research facility. He said the CFO needed someone quick. At first, I was pacing back and forth, debating whether I should take it. It’s part-time and all the way in Salt Lake City.

In the end, I decided to proceed. What do I got to lose? After all, the potential employers so far had rejected me probably based on my stutter and look.

And guess what? I got the job! And I start on Tuesday!

Okay, I am very nervous now. The CFO said the hours were flexible, meaning as long as I complete my tasks and 20-25 hours per week, I’ll be fine. I sure hope this job is better than the last one. The CFO and the office manager seemed like nice people and no one in that office spoke Chinese or asked me to change my name, so that’s good.

If we were having cold drinks, I would tell you I’m in pain at the moment. I joined a group of people and went hiking yesterday. I went up a new trail called Flag Rock. The flag is there to commemorate the emergency personnel who perished on 9/11. I had no problem hiking up. It was hiking down I encountered my mishaps.

I couldn’t believe how dumb I was yesterday. I should’ve worn my hiking boots no matter what. I didn’t wear them because they’re too heavy and my pinkie toes tend to be squished inside them when I walk too long and it hurts. I also should’ve brought my hiking stick. I didn’t realize I forgot them until I arrived at the parking lot.

Anyway, coming down from Flag Rock, the trail was steep, sometimes it was at a 30-degree-angle not to mention the rocks and sand on the path which did not make things easier. I ended up taking not one, not two, but three stumbles. The second and third stumble really hurt. I almost rolled off the mountain on my third fall. Thankfully, I did not, thanks for three fellow hikers from my group grabbing the straps of my backpack while I grabbed a handful of grass.

Thankfully, I didn’t break anything. I just have a few scratches, bruises, and a very sore bottom.

Lastly, if we were having drinks, I would thank you for joining this weekend and hope to see you again next weekend. Before we part, below are the feature images for this week’s A-Z Challenge. My theme is Photo + Story, a feature photo accompanied by a story. The theme this week has been centered around my trips to China.

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14 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Celebration with Three Stumbles

  1. Hey Yinglan. Good to hear about the job. I’m glad you found something. So this is freelance from home? Or do you go into the office? You can just keep looking for other jobs, even a part time one, while youdo this. Maybe it could become more hours? Ouch. About the hiking. Hope you’re doing okay.

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    • Hi Amanda, the job is in the office. I am still waiting to hear back from another job opportunity which it’s a work-from-home job. There is a possibility this job can become more hours but the CFO said not in the foreseeable future.
      Yeah, those falls really hurt. The scratches don’t hurt as much as my butt. I can barely sit in a chair right now.

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      • Oh I’m sorry. Well your job seems good for now, and if you can do something for another 10 hrs from home eventually, your good. Full time is considered 30 hrs even though most people work 40 (which ends up to be more usually).

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      • Even though I quite desire a full time job right now, I’m not sure I can handle it what with all the tasks to do at home. Two part-time jobs, however, I think I can handle if both of them are flexible and one of them is working from home.

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      • Yes, flexibility is key. I know I couldn’t work at all if I didn’t have that advantage. Plus, as you say, you have stuff at home to deal with, making extra hours and full-time duties tough. It will work out for the best. I hope this job is a better experience for you. I hate that could-be employers are discriminatory. There not allowed to be here, and I would doubt in the stars, but I guess you can’t make people be fair and honest. That’s upsetting. I’m glad this company gave you the job. I’m praying you come to enjoy it! 🙏🏻💕

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      • Yeah, I know. Discriminatory hiring still isn’t fair if your more qualified than other candidates. But you’re right, it’s a human flaw.

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  2. Congratulations on the new job! 🙂 We are getting warmer weather up here in Oregon too, but it’s not 70 yet. Soon though! I am so ready for warm weather.

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