#AtoZChallenge 2018 – V for Mount Vernon

I flew on my own to Washington D.C for Thanksgiving 2008. My mom’s work had taken her to Washington D.C. That was where she was for most of that year while I was across the country, going to high school and taking care of household bills and chores. She was an “okay” mom back then, none of this threatening to disown me crap that she’s got going on these days. I think maybe it was the fact I was 17 back then.

Anyway, the first place my mom took me during my three-day stay was Mount Vernon. She had never been there and thought it would be fun and indeed it was. We took most of the day touring George Washington’s mansion and marveled at the gingerbread house next to the giant Christmas tree.

And did I mention I got to see a camel? It was another animal I can check off my list of “seen” animals.

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