Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rise

I had been thinking what I should post for the topic of Rise and at the last minute on Sunday night, right before bed, I thought of this picture. Of course! China’s Grand Canyon! Why didn’t I think of that?

So this is China’s Grand Canyon from the bottom looking up. I mentioned in a previous post I had to go through a long slide to get to the heart of the canyon. Anyway, after reaching the bottom of the slide, I looked up and saw this mountain rising up before me and thought, where did this mountain come from? How come I didn’t see it before when I was on the glass bridge?

It turned out the glass bridge was a few hundred feet above where I was standing and when I was standing on the glass bridge, the mountain was about the same height as the bridge. No wonder!

After learning this fact, I immediately felt like I should visit the glass bridge again on a sunny day and try to look down and maybe then, I might see solid ground instead of the foggy abyss.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

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