Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the US or anyone who celebrates this holiday. I’m sorta taking a break from the screen today to spend my day walking in the city’s Independence Day parade as well as getting the maximum rest I have been depriving my body.

However, since the topic of Beginnings is so interesting, I decided to write this post ahead. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Every flower, even dahlias, have a beginning. This is the beginning of a beautiful colorful flower.

And here is the result.

Then here are the beginnings of some delicious raspberries.

And here is the result. By the way, there was supposed to be one more raspberry at the top but I ate it several days before taking picture. Oops, didn’t see that until I saw the picture on my computer screen.

Travel at Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge

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