Saturday Humor!

When my mom and I went to the commissary at the air force base last weekend, instead of grabbing what we needed, we had to go through each aisle to search for the items. After shopping there for almost a decade, someone had re-arranged all the items in the store. “Is this someone’s idea of a joke?” I asked my mom. The new arrangement was completely illogical. I mean, who places ant killer and pesticide across from the frozen pizzas? And who places pet supplies and dog food across from the seafood? And nuts with chocolate? Huh?

I don’t know whether to laugh or to complain to the manager.

Credit: Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Saturday Humor!

  1. Most of the shops do this to make you pass new items you haven’t seen before and buy them! It tkes me ages to get adjusted to the new arrangement. When I finally know where everything is, it is getting arranged new… Just recently a friend of mine ( refugee, coming from Afghanistan) asked me why. She couldn’t understand it. I don’t think it is funny – it is money!

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  2. I miss shopping at a commissary, since they closed down the AFB near by us. Our grocery store re-arranges things sometimes, and we don’t like it either. One time they even had to hand out maps to everyone, just so we could find things we needed!

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