Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lift

Lift can mean a lot of things from a strong man lifting 100 pounds over his head to a simple car ride. For me, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this topic was the incredibly long cable car ride up Tianmen Mountain and I had the opportunity to be on this ride when I visited Hunan, China in 2017.

The cable car ride was incredibly long – almost 30 minutes. According to Wikipedia, this is the longest cable car in the world with a total length of 24,459 feet (7,455 meters) and 98 cars.

We started in the heart of the city. When I arrived at the station, I remember thinking, where’s the mountain? As I stood in line, I kept staring at the TV, watching a video playing on repeat introducing the breathtaking landscapes of the Tianmen Mountain, feeling disbelief while another part of me was eager to see if all of this was true.

Seriously? This cable car can transport me there?

I thought the city was big but in the cable car, we flew by the city and it seemed like in a blink of an eye, the city disappeared and we were in the mountain. Well, the video didn’t mention the scenery would be changing so quickly. Inside, my disbelief had completely vanished.

As we passed these houses and farming communities, I wondered how these folks get their supplies like toiletry and other hygiene supplies when they are in the middle of the mountain.

When there are people, there bound to be water, right? Well, here’s a reservoir.

As we soared upward, I began to get very dizzy and nauseous, especially when looking upward. Therefore, my aunt and I decided to switch places but it didn’t help at all. If anything, it was worse looking down. In another thought, I can see the city.

So I decided to stand up. Not a good idea to stand in a cable car, by the way, even if you’re small like me. It made me want to throw up even more.  It was best to remain seated and enjoy the transitional landscapes of the 30 minutes cable car lift.

At last I can see the top and the end of this journey.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

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