A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

Here are two photos from my early amateur-photographing days in the summer of 2015. I took these in the basement of my previous home. I don’t think I can replicate these photos in my current home’s basement because I can never get as much light in this basement as the other one.

Anyway, my best friend from middle school made me this little bottle of stars from plastic straws. It’s a difficult thing to achieve. Trust me, I tried.

And these little stars will forever stay in this bottle because I tried to take them out and I couldn’t.

Here are two more pictures showcasing the topic of “Through glass”. They both were taken during my visit to China in 2017. I was going to my cousin’s wedding that day and my family thought it was a good idea to visit a temple and the museum near the temple that day.

A Photo A Week Challenge

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