2018 Memories and Adventures

Another New Year Eve, another year coming to close.

To officially close out 2018, I decided to do a thorough review of all the things happened in my life during 2018.

Warning: This will be long but I promise there are plenty of pictures and memories that goes along with it.

First, let me just say, 2018 did not turn out like I thought. I remember being so excited at the end of 2017 to welcome 2018 with open arms because in some ways, 2017 sucked. The new year has always felt like a new start for me, as if everything bad that happened in the prior year will suddenly wipe clean as a slate. 

I’m not saying 2018 has been a bad year but there were certain parts that sucked like when I spent three miserable months trying to acquire employment. All in all though, 2018 has been a good year – I gained good employment, made a few good friends, got to travel and hike, and got myself published. Oh, and let’s not mention I finally got my own car.  

Now, let’s take a took at my adventures of 2018.  

I started the year with a job I did not like and lots of traveling – Park City with friends on New Year’s Day, Bonneville Salt Flat a few days later before doing my first hike of 2018 up Canyon Hollow Trail in Draper, Utah

Just like that, the first 15 days of 2018 had flown by and it was time for me to head to China again. During my two weeks in China, I spent hopping from one government agency to another, trying to complete some unfinished business from my last visit in 2017.  Still, I managed to make time to hike my hometown’s Forest Park to get away from the hustle-bustle of the suburban city that is hometown even for a few hours as well as spending a day in Hong Kong and Macau.

On the eve of February, I was on a boat bobbing up and down the sea between mainland China and Hong Kong. The weather that day was bad – with its 40-degree frigid temperature, wind, and rain – I was spending my last moment in China trying to contain my dry-heaving. When I finally sat down on the comfortable Airbus seat, I felt so relieved.  

I didn’t travel much in February. I spent most of my days job-hunting on the web. With most of the jobs located south of Salt Lake City and my mom’s unwillingness to let me commute that far for work, my job-searching radius was limited to Downtown and northward.  

I spent the Saturday of first weekend of February in Bryce Canyon National Park. We didn’t see a whole lot there but enough that I got an idea to plan my next trip.  

After spending two weekends feeling miserable with little to do, I decided to join a Meetup hiking group and ventured out to Antelope Island for a day hike on Frary Peak. I took lots of pictures and my legs were sore for the week that followed the 8-mile hike, but it was completely worth it.  

By March, I was miserable and depressed. My employment situation got me feeling desperate as I searched for ways to make some easy cash. I tried freelancing but got scammed horribly. By the middle of the month, I became somewhat depressed and felt as though I was slowly being consumed by hopelessness. It was like I had lost my purpose in life. “Will I remain this way forever?” I remember asking myself.  

In the end, I found the only therapy that worked – baking.  

By April, I was afraid of staying at home. My home was beginning to feel like a prison. I had a few job interviews but in the end, none of them came through but thank God, spring’s in the air which meant I would get to do some gardening. I spent a couple of days pulling weeds out of my backyard and a couple readying the soil for planting until the day my agent from Accountemp called me with the good news that they might had found me a job.  

To celebrate, I went on a hike – Flag Rock – by Farmington Canyon.  

With new employment, I saw hope again. Maybe it is true what they say – nothing last forever.  

In May, I saw new flowers. As my co-worker says, “April showers bring May flowers.” I began the month with a hike up Sardine Peak at Snow Basin and ended the month with a hike by Wheeler Creek. In the same month, I also drove out to the west desert and spent the day playing with real guns with my church friends and I finally gained long-term employment, which I actually enjoy. 

Let’s skip to July. That’s when I began the month in the local 4th of July parade. After that, my mom’s high school classmate came to town and we spent a day in the Uintah National Forest and a lovely evening watching a brilliant red sunset over the Great Salt Lake. Before I could blink, July came to an end with a hike to East Fork.

I spent August giddily looking forward to the adventures in September as my mom frantically packed for her trip to China.  

September arrived at snail pace and I was off to new adventures. With my mom in China, I rented a car for the Labor Day weekend and headed south to Capitol Reef National Park – the only National Park I haven’t been to in Utah. It was surprisingly fun and relaxing to take the solo road trip even though everyone thought I was crazy for doing so.  

Try it yourself and I don’t think you’ll ever want to go anywhere with anybody ever again.  

I also spent the day driving through Logan Canyon down to Bear Lake. It is such an excellent way to escape the hot weather.  

A week later, I was on the road again. This time to Silver Lake by Brighton Ski Resort where I got to witness some amazingly beautiful fall colors before celebrating my birthday with my co-workers.  

Before the month ended, I got another dose of good news – one of my short stories was chosen to be published in a state-wide anthology. I would get another dose of good news in November when I would be informed that story would be published again in a nation-wide edition of the anthology.  

I tried to take a trip in October but the cold left me unwanted to leave my comfortably heated home. Still, I took a small trip to snow basin to see it covered in snow.  

October came and went and it was time to go on a retreat, which was how I began November, by spending a night in Park City with a bunch of church friends – eating and learning about the Bible. I even got to go on one last hike before winter.

A few more weeks would go by before my next adventure on the day before Thanksgiving where my mom and I would head to Bear Lake again with friends.  

December certainly wasn’t a boring month even though it was brr… cold and not as adventurous as the other months. My relatives came and settled – two in my basement and one in the room next to mine. I had a meltdown or two due to their (some may call it) obnoxious and loud behavior and because my anxiety has been sky high since their arrival. In the end though, I got to see the city’s holiday lights as well as the usual downtown holiday festivities.

Well, it was nice knowing you, 2018. I went to many great places, read and listen to many fun and awesome stories, and learned a lot of things about health, fitness, and life but I am ready for some adventures in the new year. So here we are, onward to 2019!

18 thoughts on “2018 Memories and Adventures

  1. Happy New Year! Sounds like a wonderful year being uplifted in nature. I love Utah. Thank you for sharing your photos. It makes me even more excited about my trip to visit southern Utah with my cousin in late summer. You live in a beautifully scenic environment. Hope your new job is enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year!
      Southern Utah is a wonderful place to visit. So much character and different from the rest of the state. I hope to re-visit there this summer too. I am loving the flexibility and freedom of my new job. Enjoyable? I would call it monotonous at best.

      Liked by 1 person

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