Photo of the Day!

I decided to do an old photo for this week’s edition of Photo of the Day, just because the weather has been yucky lately, making me to want to stay home. Anyway, one of the challenges I decided to give myself since the beginning of this year is to take a second look at the photos I took during my visit to China’s Grand Canyon in March 2017.

The weather is bad in this part of China, especially during spring. The sky’s always gray and rainy and wet. It’s a beautiful place but not a fun place to visit during rainy season. My aunt and I spent an eternity (in my mind) moving through the canyon that day; if I was wearing a Fitbit, it would’ve told me I’d probably walked over 20,000 steps that day.

I didn’t get to see the pictures until I got back to my hometown a few days later but when I viewed the pictures on the tiny screen of the camera, the yucky sky kept popping up. Ugh. Let’s just say, I didn’t really look at the pictures again.

…until last December when I succumbed to Adobe’s deal and got Lightroom. Since then, I had imported the pictures taken in the Grand Canyon and had been editing them one by one, trying to bring out the colors that can only been with the eye of a camera. Like the sky in this photo, the colors are there in the original photo, I just couldn’t see it with my eyes.

I think, oftentimes, the camera can see better than we can.

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Technical Details

Sony Nex-5T (f/4, 16 mm, ISO-400, 1/160 sec)

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