Photo of the Week!

I’m changing this to Photo of the Week since this is a weekly post. Anyway, I went to the Kaysville Ponds again last weekend because one: there were too many people in the house which was making me anxious and antsy. Second: I needed to work on my photography, and third: I needed the exercise. I didn’t take a lot of pictures there, most of them were experimental long-exposure shots like this one.

I feel, in a way, I’ve taken less picture this year than I have in the past. In the past, when I go somewhere, I usually end up with over 100 pictures but now, I usually just have about 40. That’s an improvement for me because having 40 good pictures which I can’t stop admiring definitely trumps 100 pictures that I can’t stand half of them. Besides, I think this way, I can spend more time admiring the view with my eyes than admiring the view through the lens of a camera and also gives me more time to turn the photos into masterpieces.

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Technical Details

Sony Nex-5T (f/32, 37 mm, ISO-100, 20 sec)

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