One of these days…

One of these days, I am going to get back on a writing schedule. I don’t know how but one of these days, I’m going to get back to writing.

Another few months has gone by, can you believe it?

We’re still in a pandemic. I’m still working from home most days while staying in most weekends, not because of quarantine (that’s over, right?) but because I recently found out about my weak immune system. Apparently, my white blood count has been low for the last 4 years and no one said anything.

My rep sheet is now 2 pages long detailing a long list of autoimmune disorder which I might or might not have. I’m beginning to think I’ve been blacklisted from hospitals because not only a lot of the doctors won’t see me but the ones willing to see me is making me wait two months for an appointment.

So I mostly stay home nowadays to be safe while try to sneak a hike in now and then. The picture on the right was from my hike a few weeks ago up in the high Uintas (elevation 10,000+ feet). But home mostly, crocheting stuffed animals, scarfs, winter accessories, etc. like this cute teddy bear.

There was a windstorm here this week. What a way to wrap up Labor Day weekend, with hurricane-force winds! So many old (century-old) trees were uprooted. So many cars and houses damaged. So many households and businesses lost power. One of my co-workers posted a picture of an AC duct falling from a 3-story building onto the street. I’m just thankful there wasn’t a lot of damage in my neighborhood – a few down fences and uprooted trees.

It’s only September, yet Mother Nature has already presented 3 of the 4 elements – Earth (earthquake in March), Fire (lots of wildfire nearby), and wind. I’m now dreading the 4th element – water. One of my co-worker mentioned that she heard someone say winter is coming early this year, I’m only praying that Mother Nature is not bringing a horrific blizzard with her.

Aside from all the natural disasters, I’m still here and apparently, I have become the mother of 2 adult boys – my pathetic and useless cousins. I feel like as 20-some-year-old men, they should not behave like boys, like there’s still someone to pick up their messes.

August 24th was the start of the new college semester for both of them. One of them calls me the night before to ask me to help him register for his classes. “I can’t get into any of them.” He said.

“Have you met with your advisor?” I asked.

“I emailed her but never heard back.”


“A few months ago.” Are you kidding me?

“Did you try calling her?” He shook his head. I sighed. “I can’t get you into your classes, only your advisor can do that. Get a hold of her any way you can and make an appointment to meet with her.”

“How about this?” He opened to another web page. “Is it too late to apply for financial aid?” I could feel my jaw drop. It’s the night before, are you freaking kidding me?! This is your sophomore year, should you know this by now? What the hell is wrong with this new generation.

A week later, my other cousin interrupted my exercising time with a “ding dong”. He wanted help filling out financial aid. I felt like exploding into a million piece in that moment. Seriously, is it just my spoiled cousins or is there something seriously wrong with Gen Z (generation after millennials)?

You can tell there are lots on my mind, right? Between work, my 2 boys, other family, and my chronic health problems, there’s not a lot of room left for blogging and writing but hopefully I will be back again soon.

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