Stress Talk #6: Stress Has Got a Loud Voice

Stress does talk. It’s got has a voice. A loud one too, I tell ya!

It looks like my body is finally catching up to the stress I’ve been feeling lately thanks to the 5-day-long-weekend. This past weekend, I was hit with a sudden pain in my neck. I was just sitting in my comfortable chair, wasting my Saturday morning away playing scrabble on my phone when Mom called my name. “Yeah,” I said and lifted my head. I must had lifted too quickly because a sudden searing pain shot up my spine.

“Ow!” I managed a tiny whimper. It felt like I had pulled something. Slowly, I attempted to lift my head again but couldn’t. I couldn’t lower my head either. There was only one painless position and I was there.

Stress had caused me pain before in the past but not this bad. It’s usually an ache in my gums or tooth or very bad acne but neck pain? The last time my neck had hurt this bad was in 2014 when I was working three jobs and going to school. Have I really been this stressed lately?

As if neck pain wasn’t enough, later that day, my body decided to throw me another surprise for all the recent stress – a loose tooth.

Photo by Alena Ganzhela on Unsplash

I was eating a piece of ham when it got lodged between my two back molars. When I pulled the chunk of meat out from its lodging place, my finger accidentally tapped the tooth and it moved. My orthodontist predicted I’d need to replace my whole mouth of teeth by age 40 but I’m not even 30 yet.

It’s too soon!

This is what happens when I finally decide to try to relax for a change with several rounds of scrabble and a good thriller by James Patterson. My body doesn’t like it and decides to react. It wants attention.

After a night of restlessness, unable to toss and turn due to my neck pain, I ended dozing off in a nap sitting up with my head against the headboard. The pain had subsided a little and I can lift and lower my head slowly. I do hope it’s just neck pain and not the underlying reason of something worse.

You want to know what’s worse? The rest of the family doesn’t believe my pain is real. They’re still calling me, coming over, asking me a dozen questions, and wanting me to take them some place. I don’t know which part of “My neck is hurting” don’t they understand?

11 thoughts on “Stress Talk #6: Stress Has Got a Loud Voice

    • I’ve put a pain-relieve patch on my neck and it’s been getting a little better day-by-day.
      I haven’t been to a dentist yet since I couldn’t find a dentist that opens on the weekend. I’ll have to call for an appointment today though for some reason, my tooth is no longer feeling loose but better check it out to be sure.


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