Wordless Wednesday: Surprise

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Surprise

      1. That’s the fun in it; watching those small seeds spring to life. It’s like each one is a tiny miracle, and you’re the one in charge of making sure those little miracles survive. I always seem to hold my breath every time I plant something and say a silent wish and prayer that they’ll make it. Can you tell I don’t have a very green thumb? Lol…

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      2. I do the very same thing and still pray every night, hoping the plants will survive and thrive. There has been more and more germination and it’s an absolute spectacle. It makes me feel like I’ve done something right. 😀
        I don’t have a green thumb either. 😀

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      3. I’ve spent countless hours watching YouTube videos just to make sure I can keep my succulents and other plants from dying. And the advice I’ve been getting, seems to be working! Maybe you and I will find our green thumbs after all. 😀 I’ve learned to watch over my plants carefully everyday. Although soon I’ll be leaving on vacation for a few weeks and I’m not sure they’ll all survive. It’ll be so sad if I come back and they’ve all died. They’ve become like my babies. Lol…

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      4. I have been watching lots of videos too, sometimes just looking for new methods to keep plants alive while hoping to find my green thumb. 😀
        I hope your plants will survive during your vacation. There’s always ways to set up self-watering on Pinterest and YouTube. Good luck.

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      5. Thank you, I’ll have to see if there is something I can do. Two of my plants require water twice a week, so those are the ones I’m most worried about. I’m tempted to bring them with me! Lol 😂

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      6. Oh I forgot to tell you, I have names for all my plants too. Lol… Penelope and Agatha are the ones I want to bring with me. 😆

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      7. Lol… well, one day, my daughter and I wrote down all their names in the order in which they sit on the window sills. If we forget their names, we look back on our notes to remember. Lol… It was a silly thing to do, but we had so much fun doing it. And that’s the fun in life, making fun memories when you can. 😃

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