Highway 12 Road Trip Day 4

After about 4 hours, I am at last home.

Surprisingly, unlike my previous road trips, my mom didn’t incessantly call to check when I was getting home or call to tell me to come home early. Before pulling my car into the garage, I checked the odometer, 843 miles. That’s how many miles I’ve in the last 4 days.

Holy cow!!!

Anyway, I once again started the day sleeping past sunrise before finally getting up and get myself a slice of banana bread and large cup of coffee. My aunt came along to get herself the same thing as well as take a morning stroll in the back streets of Tropic, Utah, a quaint little town we stayed for the night.

Since yesterday was so cloudy, we decided to hike the combination Queen’s Garden trail and Navajo Loop today. The view was spectacular and I think it’s the best way to see the amphitheater.

After a quick rest after the hike, it was time to say goodbye to Bryce Canyon and bring the road trip to a close.

I will definitely remember these 4 days. There were good and bad about this trip, mostly good, and I enjoyed the drive. I think Highway 12 is definitely one of those roads (like the Icefield Parkway in Canada) that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s definitely an experience and I learned a lot on this trip from driving using manual shift to parallel parking as well as I got to experience spending the night in a cabin which I think it’s better than a motel or hotel in many ways.

Now, after sleeping poorly these last night due to the late nights and adrenaline rush, I must rest. I hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek into my Highway 12 adventure.

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