Highway 12 Road Trip Day 3

Okay, day 3 of 4. I had probably driven almost 500 miles by now. I’ll have to check my odometer in the morning.

Anyway, I didn’t start the day witnessing golden hour or the sunrise. I was so tired I slept through it. I was able to pull myself awake only after 2 cups of the strongest medium roast coffee using the cabin’s Kierig coffee maker and dousing myself with a faceful of cold water.

Did I forget to mention I stayed in a cabin last night?

It was quite the experience. For some strange reason, I felt like I was staying in a paradise resort instead of a tiny 250-square-foot wood cabin.

The first location of the day was Kodachrome Basin State Park which before last night, I didn’t know it existed. Since I’ve come so far, I thought, what the hey.

It was really a stunning place. I will write more later.

After the state park, we ran into traffic for the first time in this trip. It turned out the news wasn’t kidding when they said there would be road work everywhere this year.

It took an eternity of bumpy roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic, we finally made it to Bryce Canyon. We spent the afternoon touring the scenic route, stopping at the spots I want to stop (the beauty of driving). The last spot of the day was at sunrise point which I thought even with the clouds, it was beautiful.

Now, onto Day 4

6 thoughts on “Highway 12 Road Trip Day 3

      1. I’ll probably do another 300 miles tomorrow driving home. I told my uncle the trip would probably be around 800 or 900 miles when he asked on day 1. He didn’t believe me. I guess he’ll believe me soon enough. 😀

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