Share Your World – Week of August 23, 2021 Mixbag Edition

Can you parallel park (if you drive)?   If you don’t drive, can you still skip?

I’m not sure. I’ve only done it once with my uncle’s guidance. I can tell you one thing. I think I’ve finally mastered reverse parking – backing the car into the parking spot for an easy exit later. It’s a self-taught thing. I watched my aunt do it a few times, watched how she turned the wheel, and how ahead she had to go before throwing the car in reverse.

I find it easier to reverse park, especially in my work’s parking garage. I don’t know how the parking garage was built but the bottom level has the tightest spaces and paths. The first time I parked in this garage, I had a tough time backing out because of the tight spaces.

Do you prefer early morning or late evening?  Or something in between?

I’m kinda weird. I prefer both.

I tend to be creatively inspired in the early morning hours as the sun come up, creating this golden light, and sometimes, there would a layer of mist on the grass, making the air smell fresh.

I also get creatively inspired in the late evening but on the writing front. My imagination seems to kick into high gear just as I’m about to go to bed.

Do you like avocados?

Avocados are okay. I neither like nor dislike them. I like to have one once in a while but not a whole avocado because I would have this feeling of grease in my stomach despite avocado is full of good fat. Maybe it’s what happens when I eat an overwhelming amount of fat at one time. Who knows?

Is mind or matter more real?

I would say matter is more real.

Are people in this current generation less or more sensitive than people from past generations?

I told my dietitian at our last meeting, “My mom has this old school way of thinking…” I don’t remember what I said after that but that stuck with me. My mom does have this old school way of thinking.

For example:

  • I constructed a compost bin in my backyard. I throw food scraps and green wastes into the pile. My mom thinks it’s a stupid idea. I’m all about protecting the planet. She tosses everything into the trash.
  • I contribute to a wildlife fund and world conservation fund. She think that’s dumb.
  • I grow my own vegetables to try to be self-efficient and not depend on the market to feed me. She says by the time my vegetables are ready to harvest, she’d starve.

Get the picture?

Maybe it’s just my mom but I think the current generation is much more sensitive to certain areas (like protecting the planet) than past generations.

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2 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of August 23, 2021 Mixbag Edition

  1. Thank you Yinglan for Sharing Your World. Your remarks about the sensitive question were very astute. The coming generations are more what we used to call “crunchy granola” about the earth. But my generation and several before mine handed the young people today a mess to deal with. If you want a sharp retort to tell your mother about your compost pile (the food scraps and so forth), you might remind her that it’s not a new idea. My paternal grandmother used almost everything from her foods, she composted a large portion of her food (rinds, egg shells and the like) and she had a magnificent garden as a result. She would literally have a small milk carton for garbage pick up when they came around to collect, because she recycled and reused all of it that she could. It’s lazy and thoughtless in my opinion to simply throw things away. That stuff has to go somewhere and perhaps we’re running out of room to put it! I’m very glad to see the crunchy granola way of life making a come back!

    It’s not weird to prefer the quiet times during dawn and dusk. The world is more peaceful then I think. I love to watch the sky turn as the sun comes up OR as it sets. Such beauty.

    It was fun to meet you at Cyranny’s get-together last week! Have a pleasant week! 😀

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    1. Unfortunately, to her it is a new idea since no one really do this sort of thing in China where she’s from and having been to China in the recent years, I can say hardly anyone’s concern about the Earth over there. Garbage littered the alleyway and no one has the sense of tossing anything into the garbage can despite being a few feet away.
      I agree, I sometimes like to go stand in my backyard and gaze at the stars (if the sky is clear and not too cold) or watch the sunset. It’s absolutely a wonderful sight to see.
      It was fun to meet you too. 🙂 I enjoy meeting other bloggers and rarely get to meet one located so close to me.


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