CFFC: Future Nostalgic

Print-worthy photo

Some of my all-time favorite photos have been of nature whether it be strange weather or just landscape photos from my hikes, from time to time, I would look back at those photos and I would be transported back to that day.

I was recently going through my photos and found this photo of a rainbow, which was shot sometime mid-July. My mom’s friend was visited and it was after the Yellowstone. Each time anyone comes to visit, mom would make sure that they’d be brought to Antelope Island to see the brilliantly red sunset, sometimes, the sunset would be redder than normal if there were a lot of wildfires like the recent few years.

That day, though, it started raining shortly after we arrived on Antelope Island. The sky was dark and cloudy, not to mention the sudden chill and wind. I didn’t want to get out of the car, careless I would miss the sunset. The weather was not in my favor.

Unfortunately, mom forced me off the car and we braved the wind.

“Look,” mom’s friend’s daughter pointed at the sky behind us.

There it was, a multi-color arch across the sky. I was suddenly glad I got off the car. There was no way I would want to miss this.

Shortly after shooting the photo of the rainbow, the clouds dissipated and the sky became blue again. We turned our heads in the other direction as the rainbow faded to watch the sun appear from behind the clouds and sink below the horizon.

I will forever remember this day as the day I made my 2021 print-worthy photo.

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